The Gutturnio dei Colli Piacentini  red wine is produced only on our hills, result of the older vines, Barbera and Croatina; it was one of the first wines to have received the Denomination of Controlled Origin in Italy, in 1967.

The story of its name is interesting: it derives from the “Gutturnium”, an ancient silver cup in use in Roman times, in which this wine was drunk at the end of a meal shared with the guests, as a sign of fraternity and friendship. According to a more recent tradition, Gutturnio is served in a white ceramic bowl.

Gutturnio is undoubtedly the king of Colli Piacentini wines. A full-bodied red, tasted in 3 variations: Sparkling, Superiore and Riserva. For greater quality and authenticity, Gutturnio Classico is produced in the typical and historic areas of the DOC, that is, the hilly area from Val Tidone to Val d’Arda.

Gutturnio Frizzante DOC has the bright red color of a ruby. It is a fresh and original wine, with a vinous and characteristic aroma and a dry and sweet taste, ideal to accompany our PDO Piacenza cured meats. It has an alcohol content of 12 °.

The characteristic Gutturnio Superiore and Classico Superiore DOC shows an intense ruby ​​red color. It has a dry and calm flavor that makes it a particularly fine wine, with an alcohol content of 12.5 °. Enjoy it with cheeses and red meats.

The refined Gutturnio Riserva and Classico Riserva DOC has a savory and pleasant aroma and a dry and full-bodied flavor. Its color is intense ruby ​​red, tending to garnet. It is ideal to accompany game and tasty meats. The Riserva type owes its name to the aging of 2 years, of which at least 6 months in wooden barrels, to preserve its best qualities for longer. It is produced only in vintages of particular value to guarantee unique flavors on the palate and has an alcohol content of 13 °.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn how an excellent wine of ancient tradition is produced: our winemakers will take you to discover the Gutturnio, among rows, cellars and bottles to open!

Produced in a vast area of ​​Northern Italy, Grana Padano, which boasts the Protected Designation of Origin and is known all over the world, cannot be missing in the dairy production of Piacenza.

This tasty hard cheese, cooked and grainy – this is where its name “Grana” derives – has very ancient origins: it has been produced in special boilers in the monasteries of Piacenza valley  since the Middle Ages. Its production is inextricably linked to our territory, in particular to the forage crops that extend into the Piacenza foothills plain, fertile and rich in meadows for cattle breeding.

Sweet and compact and finely grainy, the Grana Padano paste has a uniform light color, white or straw yellow, while the smooth outer crust is darker, of a natural golden yellow. Its delicious flavor is delicate and the aroma is fragrant.

These characteristics derive from the aging which can be very different: from 9 to 16 months: for a tastier taste, with an aroma reminiscent of dried fruit and hay; 20 months, for the Grana Padano Riserva, with a more evident and crumbly grain and a decidedly rich flavor, but at the same time fragrant and delicate, reminiscent of butter, hay and dried fruit.

The well-known shape shows the unmistakable marks of origin and selection, which distinguish our excellence from all other cheeses, certifying their quality, origin and uniqueness. Only with the presence of all the appropriate quality and certification marks is the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) legitimate.

Get to know the people and landscapes that make this delicious cheese unmissable and discover a dairy tradition that has its roots in distant centuries.


The Salame Piacentino PDO is processed exclusively in the province of Piacenza and is one of the tastiest and most appreciated traditional Piacenza products.

Piacenza producers have been skilfully making this salami since Roman times. Over the centuries they have developed all the specific skills necessary for the selection of lean pork cuts and their mixing with the lean components and strong spices that make Salame Piacentino so tasty.

What makes this salami so tasty and particular is its flavoring, using salt, black or white pepper, nutmeg and an infusion of red wine and garlic, which give it a unique and characteristic flavor.

At sight, the slice of Salame Piacentino has a bright red color interspersed with pinkish white fat. It has a sweet and delicate flavor and a fragrant and unique aroma, deriving from its characteristic coarse grain and from the particular aging conditions, which must last at least 45 days.

The processing area of ​​Salame Piacentino extends only in the areas of the province of Piacenza at an altitude of less than 900 meters above sea level, to guarantee the perfect environmental and climatic characteristics: green hills, wooded valleys and rich waterways, framed by the great river Po and from the heights of the Emilian Apennines.

This Salame cannot be missing from a nice platter of Piacenza cold cuts, for a truly authentic and tasty aperitif or appetizer. It is also excellent in combination with cheeses, in particular Grana Padano and Provolone.

Our producers are waiting for you to take you to the places of processing and reveal all the secrets to best savor the Salame Piacentino PDO.

The Pancetta Piacentina is one of the typical products with a protected designation of origin of Piacenza, which confirms its very high quality and excellence. The processing of this delicious product has been handed down from generation to generation since Roman times, but it probably has even more ancient origins. Even today, expert producers apply the classic processing methods, protected by the production regulations of the Pancetta Piacentina.

Pancetta Piacentina PDO is obtained from the cut of meat that can be assimilated to the “belly” of the pig, that is the softer and more adipose part, which allows to have that richness of fat that distinguishes this tasty cold cut.
With a characteristic cylindrical shape and, when cut, shows a typical alternation of circular layers of bright red and pinkish white. The scent is delicate, but not without pleasant spicy notes  from the special dressing  combining salt, pepper and cloves. The real Pancetta Piacentina melts in the mouth, thanks to its softness due to the fatty parts, which also determine the delicate, distinctly sweet, particularly appetizing flavor.

The raw material to make this delicious pancetta comes from pigs strictly born and raised in Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy, while the processing area includes only the areas of the province of Piacenza at an altitude below 900m above sea level. Here the climate and the landscape, with its green hills and its woods, are crucial to obtain the typical characteristics that make this salami absolutely delicious and above all not achievable elsewhere.

Pancetta Piacentina is excellent if enjoyed alone or accompanied by fresh bread, or served on a rich platter of cold cuts and cheeses, for a whirlwind of greedy flavors.

What are you waiting for? Get to know the places and people who make Pancetta Piacentina PDO a truly authentic and exceptional product.

The Piacentina Cup is certainly one of the most appreciated products of Piacenza in the world, thanks to its quality and its millenary history, dating back to Roman times. The producers of Coppa Piacentina still follow the traditional process and are very skilled in the selection and processing of the most suitable pieces of meat to achieve a unique excellence.

At sight, the Coppa Piacentina is cylindrical in shape, slightly thinner at the end, with a compact and homogeneous slice, bright red in color, interspersed with parts of pinkish white fat. On the nose it is delicate, with a delicious characteristic aroma and a light spicy aroma typical of seasoned products, reminiscent of the pepper and compound spices used for its processing. Its unique and tasty taste is sweet and delicate, refined with the progress of maturation, which must last at least 6 months.

The Coppa Piacentina PDO is an excellence from Piacenza! For its production the muscles of the neck of pigs from Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy are used, but the processing and seasoning are carried out exclusively in the province of Piacenza. In fact, our territory presents the ideal environmental conditions for the realization of this delicious cold cut: fresh valleys rich in water and green hills with forest vegetation set between the river Po and the Apennines give the Cup its characteristic all-Piacenza flavor.

You can taste the Coppa Piacentina PDO as a second course together with fresh salads or grilled vegetables. But you can also add it to your first courses, lightly browned, to give a tastier and tastier taste.

Come and taste our exquisite Coppa Piacentina PDO and admire the wonderful landscape in which it is made.