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Produced in a vast area of ​​Northern Italy, Grana Padano, which boasts the Protected Designation of Origin and is known all over the world, cannot be missing in the dairy production of Piacenza.

This tasty hard cheese, cooked and grainy – this is where its name “Grana” derives – has very ancient origins: it has been produced in special boilers in the monasteries of Piacenza valley  since the Middle Ages. Its production is inextricably linked to our territory, in particular to the forage crops that extend into the Piacenza foothills plain, fertile and rich in meadows for cattle breeding.

Sweet and compact and finely grainy, the Grana Padano paste has a uniform light color, white or straw yellow, while the smooth outer crust is darker, of a natural golden yellow. Its delicious flavor is delicate and the aroma is fragrant.

These characteristics derive from the aging which can be very different: from 9 to 16 months: for a tastier taste, with an aroma reminiscent of dried fruit and hay; 20 months, for the Grana Padano Riserva, with a more evident and crumbly grain and a decidedly rich flavor, but at the same time fragrant and delicate, reminiscent of butter, hay and dried fruit.

The well-known shape shows the unmistakable marks of origin and selection, which distinguish our excellence from all other cheeses, certifying their quality, origin and uniqueness. Only with the presence of all the appropriate quality and certification marks is the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) legitimate.

Get to know the people and landscapes that make this delicious cheese unmissable and discover a dairy tradition that has its roots in distant centuries.